Some of you may be wondering where we came up with the name Maple Leaf so I wanted to share a little of my story. In 2012, I gave birth to a stillborn daughter just three weeks before the due date. In an effort to provide a level of sensitivity to grieving mothers, the hospital where I delivered had a sign outside of the room with the picture of a Maple Leaf holding a teardrop to alert the nursing staff that a stillbirth occurred.

The loss of a baby due to stillbirth is a sad reality for many women and their families, and takes a serious toll on the health and well being of everyone affected. Each year approximately 24,000 babies are stillborn in the United States alone.

Since the cause of stillbirth is often unknown, families are left to grieve without answers to their questions. The days that follow this type of loss can be dark, confusing, and lonely. Dr. Watkins and her family experienced the pain of stillbirth and she understands the unique journey of adjusting to a “new normal” after loss.


If you have experienced this type of loss, know that you are not alone. Contact Maple Leaf Counseling Services today and begin your journey towards healing and wholeness.