You Are Not Alone:

Rediscovering Faith in God After Infant Loss

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Dr. Nikki Watkins, LMFT, experienced the loss of a child. Riley Elizabeth passed away in Nikki's womb just three weeks before the scheduled delivery. The event left Nikki, and her husband Greg, in shock. Just the day before Riley's death, the doctor had assured the couple that she would not need postnatal surgery. What had gone wrong? Where was God during this difficult time?

In the days and months ahead, Nikki plunged into grief—and worse. She experienced severe depression, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, and substance abuse. She couldn’t trust God anymore, not after what he had let her go through. But she loved Greg, and she didn’t want to lose him. As alone as she felt, she reached out to others and didn’t let go of her loved ones. Their support provided an environment for her healing—and her return to God.

For every copy of the book sold, one copy is donated to a hospital for a family experiencing this loss.