Remember the Good

Last week I went with my daughter to Jamba Juice to order one of my favorite yogurt bowls. As we sat outside in the sun enjoying our afternoon treats, I remembered that when I was pregnant with Riley Elizabeth, I ate this treat twice a week. On the way to work, I made a pit stop at Jamba Juice to grab this bowl to eat on the way to work. I went so often that one of the workers knew me by name.

The loss of a baby is so tragic that it is easy to focus primarily on everything that was lost. It is more than the actual physical loss. It is also the loss of hopes and dreams and everything in between.

I invite you today to remember the good. Remember the treats you had to eat every night before bed, the songs you or your husband sang to your belly, that comfy pregnancy outfit, how everyone made such a fuss over you, the beautiful rocking chair you picked out for the nursery, the adorable tiny clothes you purchased, the pregnancy pictures you took at the beach, or how your loss brought your family closer together.

As we go through life, joy and pain co-exist. It is hard to have one without the other. The loss of our beautiful babies is one of the most painful experiences we will ever face. AND there are also some joyful memories we can reflect on. Let the thought of your baby bring a smile to your face, even when it brings a tear to your eyes.